Buyer’s Home Inspection

Discover the condition of your prospective home prior to buying. Home Inspection is a necessary step and often required by mortgagee companies.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Identify issues prior to listing, and maximize the resale value. Find out what Home Inspectors will look for.

Warranty Inspection

New home and the warranty time coming to an end? Home Inspection can identify issues that can still be fixed by the builder.

Home Inspection Pricing

Under 1400 sqft – $400 + GST

Under 2500 sqft – $500 + GST

Over   2500 sqft – $600 + GST

Limited time offer: ***FREE*** pre-closing possession walk-through, with purchase of an inspection. That’s right, before your final possession, I will help you look for any changes in the condition of the house.

NOTE: Home Inspection lasts about 3-4 hrs; a walk-through about 1 hr